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Who We Are We are design thinkers.

We are Brand Bridge, an always passionate, a true design hub who loves to design. See below for more information, who knows you might be interested in working with us.

We Transform Brands

We transform brands through comprehensive and aggressive design thinking..

We Create Great Products

Creation is craft, a craft that we master and continue to master.

We're Passionate

We’re a passionate army of creatives who are in deep need to show the world their abilities and work.

Awesome Skills

We have skills, Indeed they are awesome, but what sets us apart is that we are honing those skills day in and day out to provide you with our best design thoughts.

Meet Our Team

Each individual plays a great role in the development of our company. All their contributions are more worth than gold making them an invaluable asset to the company.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Creative Founder

Principle-driven. Leads by example. Begins with the end in mind. Thinks like designers, designs like engineers and work like jazz players. I believe a great idea can come from anyone, but not everyone can harness it. I believe clear parameters and freedom are keys to creativity. I believe a consumer thinks, therefore a brand is. My favourite words are “what if”. Speaking of "what if" Manage all branding projects assigned, including branding strategy, brand audit, brand creation, brand management, brand communications. Analyze market trends to address business opportunities and issues and to set the brands’ annual objectives, strategies, positioning, tactics and measures. Develop the product/business strategy, its pricing and analysis, and performed ongoing business analysis to drive the brand performance. Conducted market surveys to define target audience, constructed forecasts and budgets. Worked with various teams and developed timetable for projects according to requirement of internal projects. Performed analysis on business and developed ways to improve working. Managing and mentoring creative team, with experience hiring, goal setting and performance reviews. Creating and managing brand identities, both global and local, across multiple mediums and markets. Developing customer-focused interactive, print and broadcast communications, including websites, social media, e-marketing. Approaching every challenge and opportunity with integrity, respect, ingenuity, open-mindedness and hard work..

Omar Magdi

Creative Head

a mini google. enough said.

Karim Soliman

Lead Photographer

Passionate about capturing human emotions through his lens. Since 2007, Karim’s interest in creating fashionable art using his camera increased every day. Karim is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge about fashion and portraits photography by attending and delivering workshops locally and internationally. Karim has worked with numerous international photography agencies focusing on fashion and portraits photography. His work has been published in Egypt’s leading fashion media outputs. Lately he have been nominated as one of the top ten young photographers in Egypt as Cleo Magazine. also his portraits pictures been posted in Vogue Italy website. Photography from Karim’s point of view is being able to deliver a story of emotions with a one single shot..

Amr Tahtawti

Art Director

Ranked one of the "Top 20 Graphic designers in Africa and ME", Amr Tahtawi is an Art director With a passion for fine art landscape & Travel photography, Digital image developing enthusiast and a photography educator based in Egypt.

Mona Abdel Monsef

Event Planning and Fundraising Specialist

An expert when it comes to money talks, with a huge experience in various fields through study and through different career paths taken, we take pride in Mona's work specially with Egypt Photo Summit, she has helped that brand with the whole fundraising process to bring the best photography event not just in Egypt, but arguably the whole region.

More About Us

We Believe

We believe that we need change. New alternatives and new ideas that did not exist before. Design starts with humans, it starts with what humans need and/or might need. No matter how much technology and economics are involved, it all starts with humans, matter of fact humans are the center of everything we do. We understand culture and context before we have ideas, we want to understand and work on what will motivate and make people work with everything we do in an easy understandable way, which creates their bond to the product. We don’t just want people to consume, we need them to participate, we want to shift the relation between consumer and producer from passive to active. We want to create a process which is meaningful, productive and profitable. We don’t think to build we build to think. We prototype and put our innovation out to the world so we can understand it’s weak and strong points. Last but not least, we don’t think like designers nor work like designers, we believe that design should be in the hands of everyone.

16 Brands Levereged
9999999 Photos and Videos Shot *We Lost Count*
1000 Happy Customers
365 Days a Year

Our Services We are that one stop shop your company will ever need.


We will make your brand more attractive, easy to perceive or/and use, and much more profitable. At Brand Bridge we leverage three things, commercial, analytical, and creative thinking. This means inspiring your organization and customers, and impacting your bottom line. We want to create your brand a success that is led by your customers, and market contrast to set you apart. We will transform your customer’s experience, the key to success is leaving your customers with a flawless, engaging and delightful experiences. Growing your business is no easy task, but Brand Bridge not only uncovers hidden opportunities to enhance demand, we help you act on them. We focus on pressing those buttons that causes customers to favor and buy a meaningful brand..


Sales Analytics are not just numbers, we make sure we think and look beyond the numbers. Market Analytics are not just portfolios, we make sure we answer the how, why and when when it comes to marketing your product. Customer Analytics is not just satisfaction, we make sure your customer comes happy and goes happy. Ultimately, we help marketers find clarity and insights in the data, identifying which customers matter most and the mix of levers that will have the greatest impact on accelerating growth. And figuring out your best promotional and markdown plans


We utilize the latest social media, photography, videography, and graphics production techniques. Because we understand brand image like no other. We always make sure your have pitch perfect social media that will create reach, customer loyalty and a huge fan base. Photography is a passion of most of Brand Bridge’s team, being the sole owner of Egypt Photo Summit proves it. Videography is also one of our passions, being the form of art the combines all other forms of art, we believe in how impactful video and film can be. Graphics are no small issue either, at the end of the day graphics are what your customers see all over the brand, from the moment they see an unforgettable logo to the moment they hold/unpackage your product and start using it. We mix all of our design expertise by creating contrasty and great looking designs because we understand how humans use their senses.


With our experience in fabrication, we know how build your product’s image in a booth, a mockup or a mascot. We believe in the human brain. And we know that our brains love to see image and process them and that’s why we believe in fabrication as a tool of approach and engagement.
The comfort of standing, to the pleasure of taking a seat, the sense of welcoming colors and shapes.
With our expertise in publishing and printing we also understand that just a piece of paper can build a whole brand, but we don’t like to sell pieces of paper, we love creating textures that last, papers that welcome the sight. Banners that take your customers in a journey, and publishing that will lead their footsteps into their world, which you just happen to create.


We specialize in transforming data into hyper-visual formats that communicate key messages at a glance. Raw data in spreadsheets can be dry and intimidating, but it can also be critical to the success of your business. Our world moves faster every day, it is necessary to communicate your message in a quick, clear, and engaging way that sets it apart from the noise. Whether you need to present confidential information to shareholders at a glance or elicit mass appeal outside your company, Slides factory presentation design offers an expertise in data display, design thinking and a level of professionalism that cannot be produced with conventional PowerPoint templates or Excel graphs

Event Managment

Events can set your brand apart from the competition, whether how it looks, feels or engages the crowds, we are not your conventional firework, famous performers event managers, we manage events in a creative way to engage the attendants with your service, product or/and idea, help communicate, market and share it. We have an immense experience with event management due to our experience in building Egypt Photo Summit from the ground up, or working with huge brands to bring them to the masses. We do it all from A-Z. We will plan, design, and execute your event.


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